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The political leader, political consultancy


Mi último artículo sobre el líder político ha sido traducido al Inglés desde el portal de comunicación política Americano POLÍTICAL HISPANIC. Aquí a continuación pueden encontrar todo el texto.


You hear too many times about the political leader, of that ship captain who seeks to reach a good port, how people and work teams are directed. And in politics, are candidates for different electoral processes true leaders before their audiences and followers?

It is very common to see how, mistakenly, political leadership is associated with the ability to give orders and command other people in political parties, trying to comply with certain orders and thus fulfill the will of the “boss”.

The new political leadership of the modern era is not a matter of bosses and subordinates, of leaders and those governed, or of who is a leader and who follows it, this model in search of the best political communication goes much further where the leader can influence in what others do actively motivating, making them participants in the decisions of government or party and, finally, the results that derive from the work done.


It is not a question therefore of power, or authority, or even trying to influence the decisions of others, it is a question of achieving political objectives in the most effective way possible. To lead teams and audiences you have to position yourself behind them, it’s a matter of pushing more than pulling and demanding.

That’s why politics evolve, that’s why politics change, it’s time to modernize human relations between politician and citizen, between candidate and government team.

The political leadership must appear in the political discourse but above all, in the difficult moments and where the sea offers a storm, that is where the integrity and the essence of the leadership is appreciated, believe me, not all of them achieve it.


Examples like Nelson Mandela or Hindu leader Mahatma Ghandi, make us see a resistance leadership format that has a lot of empathy with millions of people. In return we have known throughout history another type of leaders like Hitler making use of authority accompanied by a strong charisma before his own.

Barack Obama from diplomacy, Martin Luther King with a leadership style based on fairness, listening and respect for others, Steve Jobs with his audacity, including Britain’s first female minister and iron woman Margaret Thatcher, that with his autocratic leadership he imposed his ideas and his decisions based on his strong convictions.

But all are united by something in common, something special that one has or does not have, LEADERSHIP through a capacity to influence others in a unique and special way. They have been able to change the thinking and opinions of their followers.

Abraham Lincoln said, referring to the power that “almost everyone can endure adversity, but if you want to prove the character of a man, give him power.”


With all this, those leaders who are at the head of the current political parties, do they comply with these canons of political leadership? Do they have the awareness of knowing that teams and people are directed from the recognition, from the acceptance of ideas and political proposals by the fellow travelers? As the French say: ‘comme ci comme ça’.

A modern leader is also synonymous with accepting help and ideas, the work of political consultancy in this section is fundamental to improve the attitudes and aptitudes of the candidate to any electoral process or to those who direct people in political parties and organizations.

Modernize and update the way to direct political parties, that is the question and not just any question. Political parties are lost too much in obsolete and bureaucratic hierarchies of government thought in the vertical government, where the orders come from above and with an authoritarian character, in many occasions, worrisome.

To win elections requires combining many sections, having a better political product than your opponents, I would even dare to say that courage is also needed, but in a political campaign if there is something really necessary is to have a true political leader, that that gives way to others.



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